The Way Ahead

With its unflinching resolve and unparalleled vision of creating a world class Supply Chain from Cultivation to Consumer in the agriculture industry, Prium Agro is moving ahead rapidly, with setting standards of well-defined processes for every stage it accomplishes.

Great care is taken and caution exercised in each and every activity from selecting land, its due diligence, legal paperwork, as well as in managing the farmlands for optimizing the yield for getting a fairly good price and handsome returns.

Present Operations

Presently, Prium Agro has focused primarily on land acquisition, lease processes, as well as cultivation of the farmlands. For selling its yield, the company has tie ups with processing units to get better prices, and also sells to established markets for the particular product.

Moreover, the company has successfully designed, developed and documented the entire process, and tweaks it for better performance wherever required, after getting feedback from its team members at various farmlands.

But this is just the beginning!

The Way Ahead

Since the foundation of a great business opportunity has been laid, with basic infrastructure in place, now the company is on its way towards forward integration, to get optimum returns of investment, while also insulating itself from any future adverse market conditions.

Prium Agro is working on a two pronged strategy to achieve its goal of ‘Harnessing the complete supply from Cultivation to Consumer’, as follows:


The management of Prium Agro has embarked on its ambitious plan of setting up its own processing units at various locations in vicinity of its present farmlands.

The company is in talks with many vendors of automated processing units, along with consulting professionals for availing Government Subsidies and other benefits for setting up such units in remote areas of the country.

These processing plants will provide a ready buying source for the produce of its farmlands, along with weeding away middlemen in the sales process, thus getting better prices with assured payments, and generating more profits.

Besides yields from its own farmlands, these processing units shall buy raw products from other farmers also, to enable the plant to run at full capacity.


One of the major problems that Indian farmers face in selling their produce is storing and dispatching it at an appropriate time.

Prium Agro envisages setting up its own Cold Storage Plants in vicinity of its large farmlands for storing its perishable products as well as seasonal yields, to ensure that the products remain fresh, do not decay, and are despatched on time. Moreover, the seasonal products fetch a much better price if they are stored and sold when there is demand in future.

Besides, utilizing the Cold Storage facilities for our own yields, the spare capacity will be used to store products of other producer as well, thus ensuring the full capacity utilization resulting in generation of more revenue, thus adding up to the bottom line of the company.


The marketing team at Prium Agro is formulating ideas and plans to create branded consumer products under its brand name ‘PRIUM’, with its focus on providing purity and quality at affordable prices.

Our international marketing team is exploring options of tie ups with various companies in the UK, US and Gulf for making our products available to our overseas clientele too.

PRIUM MART – the Online Store selling all products of Prium is on the cards, and is proposed to be launched in the near future, to enable consumers to buy these products from the comfort of their homes with the click of a button.

Moreover, Prium Agro is also in talks with various mega stores to stock and sell its products across the country.

This is just the beginning! The best is yet to come!!