Prium’s Smart Agro Farms

Project Snapshot

Location Farm Sizes Lease Period Lock In Period Income
Distt. Sindhudurg,
1 Acre and
Multiples thereof
20 Years 5 Years 6 to 8% PA
as per Farm Size

Prium Agro offers ‘SMART AGRO FARMS’ in one of the most beautiful location of the country in the Konkan Region at District Sindhudurg, Maharashtra State, bordering Goa, 40 kms (approx.) from the upcoming Mopa International Airport, Goa.

In these SMART AGRO FARMS, Prium Agro shall plant Bamboo, which is a cash crop, having low gestation period, faster growth and gives recurring income, generation after generation.

Affordably priced at Rs.10 lakh per acre, SMART AGRO FARMS come complete with land, infrastructure, plantation, maintenance of crop, and sales of the yield.

Upon buying a farm, the investor gets fixed income every year, even in the gestation period of 4-5 years which bamboo takes to grow and give yield. This income is generated by intercropping till the time the bamboo trees start giving yield.

Ideal Location

  • 40 kms (approx.) from Mopa International Airport, Goa
  • Airport to be operational in 2021
  • Picturesque Surroundings
  • River flowing along the property
  • Amidst Extensive Greenery
  • Lovely Climate around the year

What You Get

  • Land in your name (Sale Deed)
  • Fencing around the farm
  • Gate at the entrance
  • Road connectivity
  • Electricity
  • Water Line
  • Complete Drip Irrigation System

Additional Benefits

  • For farm sizes of 5 to 9 Acres, a One Room Villa in the farm at no extra cost
  • For farm sizes of 10 to 19 Acres, a Two Room Villa in the farm at no extra cost
  • For farm sizes of 20 Acres and above, a Three Room Villa in the farm at no extra cost
  • Moreover, Prium Agro envisages to build a LUXURY RESORT along the river front at one end of this property in the next 2-3 years, at which all Farm Holders can avail 50% Discount on all services at this upcoming Resort for lifetime

Advantages to Investor

The land owner gets fixed income on investment every year, which is amongst the highest in any asset class in today’s scenario.
For providing adequate security of getting regular pay-outs, Prium Agro gives post dated cheques at the time of execution of lease.
Since it is agriculture income, it attracts no Income Tax or other taxes levied on other businesses.
Due to the soon-to-be operational Mopa International Airport, this area expects high growth potential and value appreciation in the near future.
The land owner is at liberty to terminate the lease agreement after the lock-in period on agreed terms and conditions, thus exercising control on his asset in ways most beneficial to him.

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Bamboo Cultivation

Goldmine for Investors

Since last few years, Bamboo has emerged as one of the high paying cash crops in view of its high demand in India.

Besides its conventional usages, it has emerged as the latest resource for the production of Electricity, Bio Ethanol and Bio CNG, to be used as fuel for vehicles.

Moreover, the Government is supporting Bamboo Cultivation in a big way through various reforms and incentives.

All of the above and many other factors have made Bamboo Cultivation highly profitable, turning it into a Goldmine for Investors.

Shri Nitin Gadkari

Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Shipping, and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt of India.

Usages of Bamboo

  • Furniture
  • Handicrafts
  • Fencing
  • Supporting material in agriculture
  • Construction purposes
  • Panels and Particle Boards
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Biomass Production
  • Making Musical Instruments

New Usages for Energy

  • Electricity
  • Bio Ethanol
  • Bio CNG

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