The diversity of Indian landscape is a boon for the Agriculture sector, as each part of the country varies in terms of climate, soil, fertility, and many other factors, thus making it apt and viable for cultivation of different crops in different regions. Moreover, the land price, socio economic conditions, and existing markets also vary in these areas.

To provide a host of investment options and choices, Prium Agro offers a unique spread of land banks in various states of India, to enable small, medium as well as large investors reap benefits of the expertise of its professional team of agriculturists and marketing experts, thus getting a handsome return on their investments.

Presently, Prium Agro has consolidated, or is in the process of consolidating, land holdings in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, but in the near future plans to increase its presence in other states as well.

Some land parcels identified by our technical and legal teams for our clients, are as follows:

State Location Available Land
Orissa Distt Angul / Dhenknal 350 Acres
Madhya Pradesh Distt Katni / Jabalpur / Narsinghpur 690 Acres
Chhattisgarh Distt Bilaspur 523 Acres
Maharashtra Distt Sindhudurg / Ratnagiri / Raigad 210 Acres
Karnataka Distt Tumakuru 394 Acres
Rajasthan Distt Baran 372 Bigha



Madhya Pradesh


For complete details of Price, Areas, Returns for investment in the above land banks and terms of Leasing thereafter, kindly connect with us through

Phone – 9810992021   or   Mail – info@priumagro.com