Leasing & ROI

Integrated Plan

In its Flagship business model, the Integrated Plan, Prium Agro enters into an agreement with the land owner for leasing of land for cultivation and providing yearly income. The land remains the property of the land owner and can terminate the lease agreement as per the agreed terms and conditions.

The land owner can lease his land to Prium Agro on any of the following two terms:

Parameter Short Term Lease Long Term Lease
Period 9 Years, Lock-in 3 Years 30 Years, Lock-in 10 Years
Income Get Details Get Details
Security Post Dated Cheques Post Dated Cheques
Increment 10% after every 3 years 15% after every 10 years

Dynamic Plan

In the Dynamic Plan, available in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, Prium Agro establishes a Fruit Orchard for the investor along with a host of other additions, nurtures it for a period till it bears fruit, while also giving fixed income in this gestation period to the investors.

After the lock-in period, as the trees start giving yield, the land owner has an option to either manage the orchard on his own or outsource the entire process to Prium Agro at with a nominal sharing of revenue.

Allied Plan

The Allied Plan is for those land owners who want to outsource their complete farming process, right from sowing to selling, and get a fixed yearly income per acre for the pre decided lease period.

Advantages to Investor

The land owner gets fixed income on investment every year, which is amongst the highest in any asset class in today’s scenario.
For providing adequate security of getting regular pay-outs, Prium Agro gives post dated cheques at the time of execution of lease.
Since it is agriculture income, it attracts no Income Tax or other taxes levied on other businesses.
Besides earning handsome tax free income on investment regularly, the land owner also gets value appreciation on his land in the long term.
The land owner is at liberty to terminate the lease agreement after the lock-in period on agreed terms and conditions, thus exercising control on his asset in ways most beneficial to him.