Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition – the most important and central part of the agriculture industry – is in fact the most cumbersome, technical, and specialised job, often landing novice buyers in difficult situations if not undertaken and done by professionals having experience in this area.

With an enormous experience of over 20 years in searching, selecting and buying the right type of land in almost every part of India, our core team of professionals leaves no stone unturned in acquiring the required land at genuine prices for customers. Moreover, as we have to give regular income to investors, we make sure that we acquire the right land at the right price for you.

Our long drawn land acquisition process, is a step-by-step exercise involving experts of various fields, to check the available land in terms of Technical as well as Legal scrutiny.

Technical Aspects

Prium Agro deputes its technical team to assess various land parcels in terms of their technical as well as legal aspects with due diligence, before finalizing a certain chunk of land. The detailed process undertaken is as follows:

Location: Site selection for farming is the most tricky part in establishing an agro business concept. Climatic factors like rainfall, humidity, temperature, wind pressure and direction have to be taken into consideration while selecting the location. We then research on the socio economic factors of the area including access roads, electricity, water, telecommunication, health facilities, police station etc. Moreover, the areas with favourable Government policies for promoting agriculture are given preference in site selection.

Contouring: Our team of agro-professionals studies the elevation of the land parcel to assess the slopes of land and examine the flow of rain or irrigation water. We further check and assess the efforts needed to maintain the flow of water as per our crop needs, as well as look for the probability of water flooding in rains or otherwise.

Soil & Ground Water Testing: Next step is checking of Edaphic factors, i.e. those relating to soil conditions, including structure, fertility, texture, porosity, consistency etc, which help in determining the suitability of crops which have to be cultivated. Our team takes soil samples at short distances of 10 to 15 feet and get them checked from accredited soil testing labs. We lay great stress on checking and testing the ground water of the area under consideration.

Final Assessment: After going through all the above stringent procedures, our team of experts prepares a detailed report about all the land parcels available, to enable our experienced senior personnel to decide on the suitability of land for cultivation as well as its viability in terms of the prevailing cost in the area.

Legal Aspects

The all important work of due diligence is carried out by our legal team, in consultation with local battery of lawyers as well as by getting support from land revenue department of the area. The detailed process of this exercise is as follows:

Checking of Papers: Copy of land title and other papers are taken from the seller and are checked in detail by our legal team for preliminary investigation of status of the land, its ownership and descendent chain, with a sharp eye on any issues or legal encumbrances that may crop up a later date.

Search Report: The complete bunch of papers including those of ownership and land revenue record are then forwarded to a prominent local lawyer for preparing search report with past 30 years’ record. The details are double checked by our legal team through records of local patwari and revenue officers of the area.

Sale Agreement: After being fully satisfied about the legal status and implications of the land, our lawyers draft the Sale Agreement keeping the interest of our client first, besides ensuring that no discrepancy creeps in the document and each and every aspect of the sale and transfer of owner ship is clearly spelt out.

Demarcation: Once the Sale Deed is whetted by legal experts and the stakeholders, demarcation of the land for purchase is carried out by talking help from Government Revenue Officer, ensuring that no dispute arises after the sale deed is executed, and the chunk of land to be registered in our client’s name is clearly demarcated on the ground.

Registry: The final step in land acquisition is execution of the sale deed on favour of the buyer, which is done in the local registry court by the seller. At this stage our legal team is present for conducting all the modalities, thus ensuring a smooth transfer of the purchased land to our client’s name.