Integrated Plan

Endowed with vast tranches of fertile soil, favorable climatic conditions, large skilled work force, and an ever increasing support by the government, Agriculture is undoubtedly a great business option in India.

With the rapid growth of Indian economy, coupled with the ongoing globalization and modernization, the agriculture sector offers huge potential for growth, fuelling up agriculture-based business opportunities in India.

The Integrated Plan, meant primarily for those investors who cannot devote time in working, for at least some years, offers a well-crafted Business Model, which is safe, secure, and gives you regular handsome returns on your investment, without any involvement in day to day operations of the business.

The four pillars of our unique Integrated Plan are as follows:

1. Land Acquisition

With an experience of over 20 years in land acquisition, the dedicated team at Prium Agro searches and shortlists land for its clients fulfilling all parameters for cultivation, gets due diligence done by lawyers through government departments, and after satisfying all queries of the buyer gets it Registered in the name of investor, making him the absolute owner of the said agricultural land.

2. Leasing of Land

Once the land comes in the name of the buyer, Prium Agro inks an agreement with owner wherein cultivation, management, marketing and sales is done by the company, and the investor gets a regular fixed return. The registered lease agreement is for a pre decided tenure, with fixed returns secured through bank guarantee or post-dated cheques, and option of exiting the lease arrangement after the lock in period, thus making the process transparent for all stakeholders.

3. Farm Management

After taking over the land on lease for a fixed period, the professionals at Prium Agro decide on the crops and their ratios to be sown, on the recommendations of its team of expert Technical Advisors who are an authority in their field. The entire process of farm management including levelling, tilling, sowing, harvesting, as well as the rotation of crops for optimum yield is done by our trained staff working under our agro experts.

4. Return on Investment

The ready yield of crops is harvested, processed, packed and then marketed by our professional sales team to get the best price in the segment, thus ensuring handsome returns to the land owner as well as all other stakeholders. Being agriculture income, the investor gets tax free revenue, along with appreciation of land in the long run.

Salient Features of Integrated Plan

  • One-time investment, lifetime returns for investors
  • No tension of cultivation, maintenance or sales
  • Advance yearly payouts through Post-dated Cheques
  • Option of terminating lease agreement after lock-in period
  • Land ownership remains with the investor
  • As per past data of land cost, minimum appreciation of 10% expected every year