Dynamic Plan

Agriculture – the most important sector of Indian Economy – is an evergreen sector contributing largely to the GDP and providing employment to over half of the country’s population, which has evolved to be an exceptionally profitable venture, at par or even better, than most of the other conventional areas of business.

With renewed support and focused assistance from the Government to boost the agri-infra, coupled with ready market for consumption due to the large Indian population, besides an excellent and ever growing potential of exports, makes agriculture the most lucrative and sought after business venture in the present times.

Prium Agro’s Dyamic Plan, is for those investors who intend of taking up farming, but do not want to get involved in the basic nitty gritties of buying land and setting up a profitable agri business venture.

In this plan, the company sets up a fruit orchard as per the choice of the investor, maintains and nurtures the plants, till the time they grow into trees and start giving yield. During this gestation period, the company cultivates other crops in the farmland, and shares the revenue with the owner.

This plan is available in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh, with availability of farms in sizes of 5, 10 and 20 acres.

The 7 unique features of our Dynamic Plan are as follows:

1. Land Acquisition

Land is acquired directly at Madhya Pradesh / Chhatisgarh and the registry is done in the name of the investor, will full assistance by our land acquisition team.

2. Leasing of Land

Prium Agro enters into a Leasing Agreement with the land owner for a period till the trees start giving yield, during which the company plants the trees, maintains and nurtures them, taking care of their quality for optimum growth.

3. Farm Infrastructure

The farm land of 5, 10 or 20 acres is equipped with complete infrastructure, including a 2 Bedroom Villa, Electricity Connection, Bore Well, Drip Irrigation System, Levelling, Fencing, Gate and Name Plate, with road up to the entrance.

4. Orchard Plantation

The owner can choose any one type of fruits to be planted for his orchard or a combination of various different types which are planted, maintained and taken care of by Prium Agro till the time they start giving yield.

5. Crop Cultivation

Prium Agro cultivates, maintains and sells other cash crops on the lease period, while the trees grow unhindered. All expenses of cultivating these cash crops are borne by the company.

6. Owner’s Income

The land owner gets a pre decided fixed yearly income generated from cultivation of cash crops by the company in the lease period, after which he starts getting income from the orchards.

7. Options after Lease Period

After expiry of the lease period, the land owner has option to either manage the cultivation, maintenance and sales by himself, or to outsource the complete process to Prium Agro for a fixed period of time.

In case of outsourcing after the lease period, Prium Agro shall manage the orchards as well as crops, and charge an amount of 15% of the net revenue, with the rest 85% going as income to the land owner.

Salient Features of Dynamic Plan

  • Ideal for those who intend doing farming at a later stage
  • No tension of buying land or setting up orchards providing regular income source
  • Choice of fruit orchards as per requirement of the land owner
  • All processes till the orchards yield fruit, undertaken by company
  • Regular income even in the gestation period through alternate cultivation by Prium
  • Option of maintaining orchards and cultivating crops after lease agreement
  • Can outsource orchards and farming to Prium after lease period for a nominal income share