1. Prium Agro provides services of land acquisition to its clients in various parts of India for agriculture purposes, and also provides services of complete management and cultivation of the said land for a fixed tenure as per laws of the land with the purpose of earning revenue and making profits for all stakeholders.
  2. Prium Agro acts as a consultant for its clients for selection and buying of agricultural land, by following established principles of law. We advise our clients to check all records and documents of the land under consideration at their own, or through their own resources for proper due diligence before buying the land. Once the land is registered in the buyers name, Prium Agro or its management, team members, staff and related persons will not be responsible for any omission in the process of land acquisition.
  3. After taking the land on lease for a fixed period of time from the land owner, Prium Agro will be free to use the land in its own way by deciding the crops to be sown, the processes to be undertaken, the modes of sales etc, and shall not be bound by any preferences or choices of the land owner in this regard.
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