Allied Plan

Keeping in sync with its vision of adopting technological advancements in harnessing the best outputs from farmlands, Prium Agro undertakes to lease agriculture land of any land owner for a fixed tenure and manage it completely, including selection of crops, cultivation, maintenance and marketing, with an aim of generating handsome returns for the land owner as well as the company.

Our team of expert agriculturists decides upon the crops to be cultivated based on an assessment of various parameters, and then deploys modern techniques of farming for getting optimum yield. Thereafter, our marketing professionals, by leveraging on our tie ups with agencies and companies, try to extract the best price with secure payments.

Although, the sharing pattern and other modalities are worked out on a case to case basis as well the location of the land, but a few necessary requirements from the land owners are as follows:

1. Size of Land Parcel

The land parcel should be at least 100 acre at one place, so that economies of scale can be reached in all aspects of farming. Moreover, the land should be fenced to avoid any trespassing by humans or animals.

2. Clear Title

The land to be leased should be clear from all encumbrances, with no pending legal cases, to enable the company to seamlessly conduct all operations including cultivation, storage and sales of the produce for the entire lease period.

3. Lease Period

Prium Agro takes agriculture land on lease for a period of 9 years, after which the land owner as well as the company are free to terminate the lease, or to enter into a fresh lease as per their mutual understanding.

4. Soil & Water Testing

Current report of from an accredited laboratory for soil type as well as water quality and levels in the said land required.

5. Water & Electricity

The land should have a three phase electricity connection as well as Bore Wells for continued water supple for irrigation purposes.

Also, there should be no High Tension Overhead Transmission Line going through any area of the farm land.

6. Approach to Farm

The farm should be connected to main roads of the area by metaled roads till the entry of the land, with proper check point at the gate.

7. Market Accessibility

Grain market or fruit and vegetable Mandi for sale of the yield should be in the vicinity of the farm or at the most within 20 km radius.

8. Past Records

Complete records of immediately preceding three years required clearly specifying the crops sown, yield per acre and price at which sold. Any other information which would help in future cultivation is also welcome.

Salient Features of Allied Plan

  • For landowners who want to outsource their complete Agri Process
  • No tension of deciding on crops, their cultivation, maintenance and sales
  • All recurring investments to be undertaken by the company
  • Regular income from the yield with a pre decided amount retained by the company
  • Different business models can be worked on case to case basis
  • Income ensured to be among best in today‚Äôs assets classes